Let’s toast to life, the Turkish way.

Established in 2019, residing in the heart of luxury Knightsbridge, London – The MANTL, a Turkish restaurant
The MANTL introduces a wealth of culinary experience, from traditional cooking over hot coals to lovingly preparing modern Mediterranean cuisine to share among family and friends alike. The MANTL is truly at the heart of our home and is fired up for all to enjoy.

The Best Turkish Restaurant in Knightsbridge

Big family? Big appetite? We’ve got a big space. At our Turkish restaurant in Knightsbridge, located near Harrods, there is room for 68 guests inside and 12 outside. The MANTL is your destination for fine dining in London, with great service and great times which will stay in your memory forever. If you’re not too fussed about preserving the memories for too long, we’ve got some of London’s top mixologists at our bar who can whip you up gorgeous cocktails to match your meal.

Heritage - Ambassadors of Anatolia

There’s a Turkish embassy a stone’s throw from our restaurant, standing as the political representatives of our homeland, while we, in contrast, proudly serve as the culinary ambassadors of all things Anatolian. We’ve honed our skills and earned our stripes in the kitchen over the years, dedicated to serving authentic Turkish cuisine in Knightsbridge. Our mission is to offer a taste of our rich heritage through every dish we serve, inviting locals and visitors alike to experience the true essence of Anatolian cuisine. By doing so, we hope to create a cultural bridge, connecting people to Türkiye not just through taste, but through the stories and traditions embedded in our food.

Feel the Burn - Sustainable Cooking

At The MANTL, we aim to provide the best quality cooking by using the optimum fuel, and it starts with the charcoal. London Log Co produces a hard charcoal with rich, earthy, peaty notes along with a note of sweetness. The burn values are exceptional, and it provides The MANTL with the exact precision in high-performance cooking. As the UK’s sole supplier of Holm Oak (Enica or Quercus Ilex) charcoal originating from Spain, London Log Co has become the go-to purveyor for open grill cooking. The wood is surprisingly dense, naturally sweet, and has an aromatic note, making it ideal for charcoal production. During a busy and intense service, the wood needs to perform in a predictable and regulated manner.

Fine Dining Turkish Restaurant in London

The MANTL offers an exquisite fine dining experience, making it one of the best Turkish fine dining restaurants in London. Whether you’re looking for Turkish breakfast in London or the finest Turkish food in Knightsbridge, The MANTL is your top choice. Our restaurant in Knightsbridge stands out among the best restaurants in Knightsbridge, offering not only the best Turkish food but also an unforgettable fine dining experience in Knightsbridge.

Restaurant in Knightsbridge

For those seeking a fine dining restaurant in London, The MANTL provides a luxurious and welcoming environment. Experience the best Turkish food in London and immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Anatolia at one of the top Turkish restaurants in London. As one of the premier Knightsbridge restaurants in London, The MANTL ensures that every visit is memorable, whether you’re indulging in Turkish food in London or enjoying the ambiance of one of the finest restaurants in London Knightsbridge.