Transporting the traditional to a contemporary and new age, creative culinary level
At The Mantl, we believe that less is more, and what we mean by that is, to use only the best cuts
Of meat and the most appropriate ingredients that give all our dishes a unique taste and personality

Our menu consists of a range of delicious hot and cold starters, tempting sides and tantalizing
Grilled dishes cooked to perfection over hot charcoal.


Drink, dine and be merry!


Tired from walking around central London? Want to pop in for a midday munch? Check out the chef’s delicious afternoon courses


There’s always room for dessert, right? Take your pick from these pretty puddings! We are only a few steps from Harrods!

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Food and hospitality lie at the heart of Turkish culture. At the MANTL, we bring you a taste of the authentic Turkish cuisine in Knightsbridge, Central London.