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How to Find Authentic Turkish Food in London: A Guide by The Mantl

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Six Of London’s Best New Restaurants

New restaurants open regularly in London and close sometimes after a only a few months. Here are six new ventures that have opened in the past year with stellar offerings that seem destined to last.
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Ham & High

Found in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, MANTL was crowned winner of the Fine Dining Restaurant category. The menu consists of familiar dishes embellished with fragrant spices and includes speciality dishes such as pistachio lamb cutlets. Find the restaurant opposite Harrods.
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No 1 restaurant in town

Themed around families gathering around the welcoming warmth of a fireplace and mantlepiece, The Mantl glows with amber-hued light pouring from glass lamps. The Knightsbridge hotspot is an example of how Turkish cuisine can place both tradition and innovation on a plate.
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Where to eat in Knightsbridge (if you don’t own a Ferrari)

No recent food trend invites scorn like the photo-opportunity eatery. Knightsbridge has become a hub for them. All along Brompton Road there are doorways garlanded in flowers, peppy slogan murals inviting selfies and displays of cakes that look like they were drawn by an anime artist. None of it has much to do with personal enjoyment, because what’s being sold is content.

The Mantl wins Best Fine-Dining Restaurant in UK

The Mantl, located on 142 Brompton Road, has been awarded the best fine-dining restaurant in the UK. The Turkish Restaurant and Takeaway Awards (TURTA) celebrates the rich and cultural heritage of Turkey and the influence it has on British food.